eSHa HEXAMITA – Discus & other Cichlids


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eSHa HEXAMITA is a unique treatment that effectively combats Hole In The Head(HITH) disease in Discus and other Cichlids. Global reach out product review here.

Brand – eSHa Laboratories Europe



eSHa HEXAMITA – Discus & other Cichilds

Description: eSHa HEXAMITA is a unique treatment that combats disease in Discus and other Cichlids.

– Effectively treats Hole In The Head(HITH) disease.
– Effectively treats other bacterial and fungal infections.
– Prevents disease in newly acquired stock.
– Protects fish from secondary infections.

Composition/ml: Copper Sulphate 7.0 mg, Ethacridine Lactate 6.7 mg, Acriflavine 2.0 mg, Methylene Blue 6.3 µg in water.

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Packaging sizes: 20ml bottle (item no. 79004)

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